Divr Labs is Prague-based studio focusing on location-based virtual reality entertainment. We are developing our own game and arenas, where the game content and the arena complement each other. Thanks to this, you get to free roam our 150 m² arena that will have all your senses hooked on the 4D elements. We design our own games that transport you in time and space. Come test for yourself how fine the line between the fantasy and reality can get.

Our games

Meet the Dinosaurs

Travel back 80 million years in our VR arena to discover a long-forgotten world of dinosaurs. You are going to meet several well-known kinds, explore the jungle around you, and collect data for a scientific research. Fly with Pteranodons, take a selfie with a T-Rex and be the first one to discover the legendary dinosaur.

    The Lost Lab

    Visit our VR arena to embark on a secret underground mission and explore its lab thoroughly. Can you complete the mission successfully and get back safely, or will you ignore the instructions to find out what happened to the lab staff? Will you really risk getting stuck in the narrow mine tunnels only the best ones can escape?

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